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        Unique pocket edsign ensures uniform airflow throughout the entire filter is also able to avoid overcrowding problems between pockets and preclde leakage,,thus reducing airflow resistance and offering maximum dust holding capacity.The bag support grid guard against shrinkage and bending distortion of filter under bad working conditions.Series pocket bag filters are ideal pre-filters and medium efficiency filters working in humid,high airflow rates and high dust loading condition.They are successfully used in pharmaceutical industry,automotive industry,food manufacturing industry,commercial building and ventilation system.Our company provides imported US JM media and home-made media.Clients can make a choice of the media according to the actual utilizing condition.
       Robust and leak-proof multi-pocket design of the F bag filter catch air bypass.The pockets ard sealed at 3 sides and joints at the back of the grid ard also sealed with adhesive to prevent shrinkage and avulsion of the pockets. The filter is equipped with nuique additional edge safety stitch which helps to prevent ditry air bypass and each stitch is sealed with a thermoplastic adhesive to prevent leakage and media break off.