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101 typical applications of nozzles abstersion and cleaning

clean of car and lorry
clean of sand on screen
clean of ironsand on conveyer belt
clean of blanket and netting in paper mill
clean of inside of container and pot trough
clean of Painted Circuit Board
disinfection of sanitation in packing house
clean of mesh screen and filter
clean of fruit and vegetable
clean of bottle cap in packing house
high pressure clean
clean of the mirror in industry
clean of the industrial equipment
clean items on the hanging chain
pretreatment of metal surface
clean of bottle pot
eliminate the phosphorus on the surface of steel rolling under high pressure

spray coating
painting of pills  
spray coating and spray-paint
spray coating antirust
sprinkle cere esin and humectant on paper
smear oil on food before bake
sprinkle additive and condiment on food
sprinkle protective agent on furniture
sprinkle mold release on mole
glaze ceramic tile and encaustic tile
phosphatization of metal parts
smear oil on the surface of metal
spray-paint of inside of food and beverage can

twice cooling of continuous casting in steel industry
cooling of roller in steel industry 
cooling of accumulator tank
cooling of roof
cooling of conveyor
cooling tower
quenching after heat treatment
cooling of condenser coil
cooling in extrusion of PVC rubber tube
cooling of mould
cooling of kiln exit gas
cooling in nipping of aluminium product
cooling of strip mill
cooling of space
cooling of food and comestible
cooling of cutting tools and materials

lubrication of gear wheel
lubrication of press mold in large forging press
unction of hydraulic press
sprinkle mold release
lubrication of steel
lubrication of axes and bearing

dust control
dust control in the transportation of coal ash and sandy soil
humidification of wagon top of coal truck
the elimination of dust in the gas tower
dust control when dumping coal ash
ferric oxide control during steel rolling
dust control in cement kiln factory
control of dust during transportation of chip
control of ash layer in sludge pit
street cleaning equipment
dust control during transportation and  load&unload of trash