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    The selection and configuration of the filter

           1 For small purification equipment, such as clean bench, air shower, laminar flow hood, etc., as they deal with a small amount of wind, usually fresh air inlet filter surface with coarse or medium efficiency filters, air terminal must use effective filters or ultra-high efficiency filter;

           (2) For the purification of the air conditioning system air filter selection and configuration, generally based on the clean room air cleanliness levels and the special requirements of the production process, to rationalize selection and configuration.

           A. For a 1000 --- 100,000 clean room purification systems, air filtration usually three forms, namely coarse, medium efficiency and high efficiency filter; coarse, medium efficiency air handling general on the device, and will the efficiency filters on the positive segment, Asian high or high efficiency filters are generally located in the end of the air conditioning system.

           B. to 100 --- 1000's air conditioning system, new air handling unit is usually set coarse, in effect, sub-high efficiency filter, circulating air in the clean room systems, but also set high efficiency filter or ultra-high efficiency filter devices; generally efficient air conditioning system filter is located at the end, which is located cleanroom ceiling; for ultra-high efficiency filter, you must set the end of the air conditioning system in order to ensure the required level of air cleanliness requirements.

           c. when it is known throughout the air purification system air volume, according to the chosen filter rated air flow, to determine the number of filters required.