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    HEPA filter for air purification effect analysis

    Purification equipment in the HEPA filter is usually conducted after the completion of construction on the ground to install, do so indoor conditions meet HEPA filter installation conditions. But there is such a problem that in doing self-leveling epoxy floor, the room can not be ventilated, for very harmful to the health of construction workers. Therefore, the construction workers are often open ventilation, and even blower ventilation, ventilation only affects the ground so that the quality of construction, will contaminate the clean room, to scrub the future difficult. In the self-leveling epoxy floor primer construction is completed and dried, can be carried out efficiently filter installation. Because primer after the ground has been very clean, consistent and efficient filter installation conditions. Installed high efficiency filter, on the ground in the coating and topcoat construction, can take advantage of air conditioning system for ventilation, floor coating construction environment is improved, more importantly, to improve ground finish. The construction process, which does not affect the quality of the installation of high efficiency filter, but also improve the surface quality of construction and can ensure the health of workers, is threefold, should be promoted.

    Installation of high efficiency air filter before the clean room renovation and installation works should be completed, and a comprehensive response to the clean room cleaning, scrub. According to the specification requirements, air conditioning system commissioning must be carried out and must be continuous commissioning (air blowing) 12 to 24 hours, and air blowing again after cleaning, scrub clean room, when workers are required to wear a clean overalls and work shoes, immediately effective the installation of the air filter.

    1 air conditioning system commissioning - air blowing

    Primer on the ground after the completion of plugging in HEPA torn on the plastic film, starting air purification system, the first blow 30min, then shut down and torn off the protective film on steel mining. 30min before operation is due to the system most of the first half hour of dust can be blown out, and there is a part attached to the interior wall surface, part of the return air to enter through the return air duct, and finally into the modular air purification unit through the coarse, medium Efficiency two filters, and then into the clean room, so the cycle. If the blowing time is too long, the disturbance of the indoor air, would have been attached to the wall and the ground dust suction return duct, while the return air with the filter layer, but its filtering capacity is limited, the dust is bound through the return air filter inside the air conditioning unit layer is coarse, medium efficiency filters capture before the return air duct attached to the increase of the return air pollution within the system. Therefore, in air blowing 30min, timely tear film color steel board, in conjunction with the attached dust cleared. Tear film again after cleaning the ground, and finally continuous air blowing 12 to 24 hours. I believe that the air blowing time is not too long, there are 12 hours enough. Because attached to the inner wall of the dust in the wind does not blow air over the extension of time is reduced too much. I have done the duct clean mouth test intends to clean the mouth closed doors attached to some of the dust in the air blowing air blowing 12-hour and after 24 hours were examined dust on closed doors, found no significant difference between the two . Therefore, I believe that the duct system cleaning, it is best removed when the duct in the production of the inner wall of the oil and dust, which is the most fundamental measure. Only a part of blowing dust blown away empty. After blowing air, clean room again within the walls, ceiling and floor, then you can install high efficiency air filters.

    2 HEPA filter is installed (for example by pressing methods installed)

    Install HEPA filter is best six pairs, two people dedicated unpacking and paste the sealing strip, another four people divided into two groups for the installation, division of labor, with each other. Seal paste is a very important task, cutting bad, paste, assembly is not careful, have a direct impact on the quality of the filter installation. Seal cutting, stitching and paste, should have supervised examination, inspection and approval before installation. This is called dynamic control of the process, can play a multiplier effect, should cause the construction units and supervision units are highly valued. Currently, the general project management approach is "appraisal" approach, on the middle of the process of management is not enough emphasis. Upon completion hesitate to spend a lot of time to scan leak, identify problems and very difficult to remedy, rework phenomena often occur. HEPA filter frame of wooden frame and metal frame, in the biological clean room, wood-framed high efficiency filter use is limited, so now most of the use of metal frame high efficiency filter. I found, galvanized steel frame strength is higher than the aluminum alloy frame, high efficiency filter during compaction border deformation. For metal frame high efficiency filters, seal width appropriate for the 20 ~ 25mm, closed-cell foam seal materials are neoprene rubber sheet and plate, seal between 6 ~ 8mm thickness. Corner stitching method should adopt corporate ladder or lip-stitching, should not be used in the form of flush. No matter what kind of stitching, make a cut mouth mold is to improve the quality of stitching, a good way to speed installation. Because the mold is cut out to fight the interface structured tight, leak-proof effect is very good. Sealing strips pasted HEPA filter should be inspected after passing flat on clean flat surface. Seal up stacked if necessary, be placed flat intermediate partition plate a certain strength to prevent uneven pressure, the sealing strip deformed. HEPA filter is installed before wiping again HEPA and plenum chamber inside, so clean and dust-free. Then in the four splice seal corners painted glass, plastic, immediately load efficiency filter outlet. Coated glass, plastic play the role of double insurance, leakage occurs mainly in the four corners of the fight seams. Workers should be separately installed standing on both sides of the word ladder suitable height, the high efficiency filter outlet parallel push inside. A total of four clamping attachment, two should be playing right angle mounting pressure parts, initially can not tighten until all four pieces installed after pressing with your fingers and visual way to adjust the filter so that the gap even four weeks, in order to ensure sealing compression surface uniform width, improve sealing. Finally they both play on the corner pieces of nut tightening pressure, forced to moderate, uniform, four pieces of the degree of compaction pressure should be consistent, cut Qi tightness. If the gap filters and four weeks without leak, you can have scrubbed clean the HEPA filter diffuser plate installed. For leak detection, leak qualified before installation in the diffuser plate. Expansion board is installed diffusion filter response is efficient, non-tighten bolts to four weeks gap consistent appropriate. Scrub diffuser plate should be someone responsible for the general diffusion plate factory not scrub it before installing the application detergent water cleaning to remove oil and dust, and finally rinse with tap water, then wipe dry cloth fibers can not afford more than water, stored in a clean environment use.