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    Classification of the air filter

    Air filters can be divided according to their works primary filter, medium filter, HEPA filter and sub-efficient models.

    Early effect of air filter

    Often made of synthetic fiber filter, the frame is made of strong, moisture-proof box made of cardboard. In the normal operating environment is not deformed, broken,

    Early effect filter paper frame distortions. In addition to the diagonal fixed frame around the filter. Close bonding and frame filter frame to prevent air leakage generated.

    Primary filter is mainly applied to air conditioning and ventilation systems primary filter, clean room return air filter, high efficiency filter unit of local pre-filter, mainly used to filter 5μm particle size of dust particles and above, use the weight method tests. Also for multi-stage filtration system primary protection. Non-woven filter material, nylon mesh, aluminum wave mesh, stainless steel net, non-woven filter media outlet side after finishing treatment, to prevent scattering of non-woven fiber breakage cause secondary pollution.

    Medium Efficiency Air Filters

    The man-made fibers and by the combination of galvanized iron. There are a variety of efficiency options, including 40-45% ,60-65% ,80-85%, 90 -

    No separator filter efficiency of 95%. Composed by the 26gauge galvanized iron flanges. This series of products can be used in industrial, commercial, hospitals, schools, buildings and other kinds of plant air-conditioning equipment (air conditioning system primary filtration system to protect the system under a filter and the system itself, the cleanliness requirements for air purification The place is not strict, the filter efficiency treated air can be sent directly to the user) can also be installed in the gas turbine inlet device or computer room to extend equipment life.

    DC, DZ-type bag filter efficiency crude

    Using the early, non-woven fabric made in the efficiency filter, cold plate spray doing framework as a secondary filter, the product has a high dust holding capacity, low resistance, and can be cleaned, etc., according to the environment and the selection of different, filter efficiency level is divided into F5, F6, F7, F8.

    HEPA filters

    For normal temperature and humidity, allowing contains trace amounts of acid, alkali organic solvents, air filter, the product of high efficiency, low resistance, high dust holding capacity, widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other fields.

    HEPA filters are used to filter out the dust in the air compressor intake air impurities, the cleaner the air sucked oil filter, oil separator element and oil life more secure; prevent other foreign matter into the host, causing damage to the host, cause the host to "locking" or even scrapped. lifespan is usually about 2000 hours.

    HEPA filters Category: HEPA filters, non-HEPA filter, V-BED efficient filters, high temperature high efficiency filter.

    Non-HEPA filter

    Filter without clapboard clapboard is replaced with hot foil filters are separated on the filter. In the absence of a 50mm thick baffle makes no partition type filter can be achieved with 150mm thick baffle filter performance. 90mm thick frame of the HEPA filter in the same area and the filtration efficiency of the case, the air volume can be achieved with standard resistance-type separator SPAN150mm thickness 1.3 times, SPAN150mm thick double standard resistance type. Meet today's air purification for a variety of space and weight and energy consumption stringent requirements.

    HEPA filters

    Clapboard filter media is the use of special automatic device labeled wrinkled aluminum foil and fold forming separation coincided with the management of the production process and strict side tried to ensure the product quality.

    Pleating filter may be larger dust accumulated in the bottom of pleats, the other side can effectively filter dust. Broadly speaking, the deeper the pleats, longer service life.

    V-pleat filter these products have the following characteristics:

    Rugged filtering effect is stable, longer life

    Robust, efficient, and easy to handle

    Low initial resistance

    Filtration efficiency and stability

    Use this filter does not need to change the original air box design, more efficient than conventional flat filter is good, you can also extend the rear section HEPA filter life. Primary Filter products mainly include: non-woven filter plate filter all-metal filter Washable filter pleat filters, etc.

    V-shaped pleat filter

    For general ventilation system with filter area, low resistance, long life and other characteristics. It can be used as efficient filter pre-filter use, thereby effectively extending the life of the HEPA filter.

    High temperature high efficiency filter

    The filter can be used at 250 ℃ high temperature environment, filtration efficiency can reach 99.99%

    V-BED efficient filter @ 0.3μm.

    D.O.P./P.S.L.Testing95%, 99.99% at0.3μm

    V-BED efficient filter

    V-BED-type, the HEPA filter, this product is designed for low air flow resistance achieved under design and development needs. LV high efficiency series resistance in the case of the initial 250Pa wind speed 2.5m / s (ie 500 games m).