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    How do I find the time to replace the air filter

    Learn how to effectively air filter replacement time, greatly reducing the loss of cleanroom degree and improve work efficiency,

    How accurately grasp the air filter replacement time, first of all we know about it in the air filter is divided into; primary filter, medium efficiency filters, HEPA filter, in an overall clean room fan by these three efficiency air filter for high purified air filter work.

    When replacing the air filter replacement we must first understand some common sense;

    1, that is, the early effect and the efficiency filters, as they are in their normal work force to stop twice every three months as a replacement cycle.

    2, when the entire cleanroom its seventy percent of the total air volume, the need to replace all air filters in the HEPA filter

    3, if you examine the air filter in the HEPA filter leak must be replaced immediately.

    4 Replace the junior high efficiency filter velocity is also not up to standard to replace the HEPA filter

    5 eye observation of the color filter air filters are changed, such as the need to change the filter color black

    6, the touch method, touch the air filter out of the wind filter, such as whether there are more hands dust and impurities need to change

    7, with the recording method, recording every replacement cycle, in order to accurately grasp the next replacement.

    Of course, replace the air filter element also depends on the material and workmanship of their own processes, such as; filter material, filter area, structure, level of airborne dust, etc., can also have a close relationship. So, we need a more accurate grasp of air filter replacement time, so the above criteria must be familiar with common sense applied flexibly.