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    Bag filter installation and maintenance

            Currently on the market, the filter has a good variety of categories, the most common are bag filters etc. broader application of filters.
            Before installing various types of filters, do not allow open bags or packaging film; press the direction marked on the package store filters; in the handling process, should be light, light, avoid severe vibration and impact.
            The need for high humidity, high temperature environments and the efficient bag filter, must be selected high temperature, high humidity, paper and the partition plate, the frame material, to meet production requirements. Biological clean room and pharmaceutical clean room, you must use the metal casing of the filter, and its surface should not rusty, not allowed to use wooden frame filter plate to prevent the resulting bacteria that affect the product yield.
            In transportation, installation and use of the process, according to the requirements in order to ensure the results. Various filters in use for some time, due to a dust collector filter surface, so that the filter efficiency and resistance decreased, affecting the cleanliness of air, when the filter needs to be replaced promptly. In order to give full play to the role of bag filter, in the selection and use of the process, the filter face velocity, coarse, medium efficiency filters should not exceed 2.5m / s, Asia HEPA filter and HEPA filter should not exceed 1.5 m / s, so that not only will help to ensure the efficiency of the filter, but also to extend filter life and cost savings in equipment operation, generally do not replace the filter; as a result of time to replace the filter and can not stop changing, then allowed only in case of eye replacement fan kept coarse, medium efficiency filters; Asia and efficient HEPA filter air filter must be stopped only after the replacement of; bag filter with the connection between the frame gaskets must be tight, no leakage to ensure the filtering effect.
            For more than one filter, if the filter before and after the differential pressure gauge or differential pressure sensor is on the coarse filter, when the pressure is greater than 250Pa, it must be replaced; pair efficiency filters, then when the pressure is greater than 330Pa and must be replaced; efficient filter for Asia, when the pressure is greater than 400Pa, it must be replaced, and the original filter is not re-use; For high efficiency filter, when the filter when the resistance value is greater than 450Pa; or when the wind surface air velocity to a minimum, even if the replacement coarse, medium efficiency filter, air flow rate can not increase; HEPA filter or when the surface leakage beyond repair shall be replaced with new high efficiency filter; the absence of such conditions, general conditions in accordance with environmental conditions replaced every 1-2 years. For broader application of bag filters also some say!