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    Spray nozzle The structure

    Different nozzle structure will result in processing efficiency and life of the different nozzle, the abrasive nozzle structure and reasonable access to high speed, thereby improving processing efficiency and reduce the cost of the necessary conditions to come out from the nozzle after a long period, are used cylindrical nozzle structure, so far, at home and abroad to develop the nozzle structure forms, commonly used type of nozzle structure and characteristics of the table below

    A cylindrical straight bore nozzle structure

    Figure 1 is a schematic structural view of a cylindrical straight bore nozzle, spray gun and nozzle which both two functions, simple structure, can be directly used instead of seamless steel tubes, can be obtained through the hole in the material, the shorter the life of the nozzles, used for less demanding situations for sandblasting

    2, the conical nozzle structure

    Figure 2 is a schematic structural view cone nozzle, this nozzle structure with a tapered inlet and a diversion effect from the effect of the straight segment cluster, the abrasive into the nozzle is relatively easy, and the abrasive nozzle cross section of the cylindrical nozzle with the distribution more uniform than

    3, Venturi nozzle structure

    Figure 3 is a schematic diagram of a venturi nozzle structure, its structure: a venturi-shaped pipes, slightly conical section of the nozzle exit, the exit diameter slightly larger portion of air in the pipes reach the speed of sound, while at the nozzle exit can be reach 355m / s or more supersonic (generally cylindrical abrasive straight bore nozzle exit velocity is low, only 97m / s or so), this nozzle is mainly used to get high speed abrasive, than plain nozzle cleaning efficiency 15% -25%, in order to prevent excessive wear of the nozzle, the nozzle can be lined with a hard metal or ceramic material, in order to prevent clogging, the nozzle diameter should be selected as the abrasive particle size of 3-4 times

    4, special nozzles

    Special double outlet nozzles, complex structure, generally used in special occasions, such as pipe wall sandblasted

    5, modular nozzle structure

    The nozzle inlet, outlet, and an intermediate portion having different properties of materials designed to mechanical combination of which each part of the material into the nozzle assembly shown in Figure 5, the modular nozzle inlet of the nozzle, the exit site is designed to high hardness Lord of ceramic or other wear-resistant materials, the nozzle can be designed for middle to high toughness based metal or other materials to meet the combined nozzle nozzle inlet, outlet and middle parts of the fight against erosion wear different requirements, to a certain extent improve the ability nozzle erosion resistance, but when compared with the overall structure of the nozzle, is required to prepare two or more materials, and increases the assembly and other related processes.