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    Nozzle classification

            Nozzle can be divided into two categories:

            One, burners nozzles (military and civilian) two non-burner nozzle type

            According to the function of the nozzle nozzle can be divided into: spray nozzle, fuel injection burner, nozzles, and special nozzles.

            Classified by material, can be divided into: metal nozzles, plastic nozzles, ceramic nozzles, alloy nozzles.

            By industry classification, can be divided into: Petrochemical nozzles, nozzle agriculture, textile nozzles, nozzle papermaking, printing nozzle, environmental protection (desulfurization, denitrification, denitrification, dust, etc.) nozzles, spray nozzles, nozzle ferrous metallurgy, electronics nozzles, food nozzles.

            According to the shape classification, can be divided into a hollow cone nozzles, solid cone nozzle, square nozzle, nozzle rectangular, oval nozzle, fan nozzle, column flow (DC) nozzles, two-fluid nozzle, multi-fluid nozzle and so on.

            Special industry Nozzle: Spitfire mouth, Texaco nozzles, granulation nozzle and so on.

            In short nozzle application is very broad, involving almost all fields.