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    Introduction nozzle

            In a variety of different nozzles are spraying their working conditions and design, and therefore requires appropriate selection of nozzles in order to achieve optimum use of spray performance. Mainly reflected in the characteristics of the nozzle spray nozzle type, the fluid leaves the nozzle opening is formed when the shape and its performance. First, the naming of the nozzle spray pattern is divided into fan-shaped, tapered, solid stream (ie jet), air atomizing, flat spray nozzle, which is divided into a hollow cone nozzle cone and solid cone two categories; while Venturi inside the nozzle (ie, mixing nozzles), strong cold (hot) air nozzle outlet hair and a dedicated nozzle (eg garden nozzles, mug washing nozzles, pipe cleaning nozzles and other series) is reflected in the naming of the nozzle performance.