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    Fan nozzle knowledge

    Fan-shaped spray form, spray pattern edge definition is very clear, fine processing technology provides a uniform plane diversion, high impact spray pattern. Spray a large and smooth channel, reducing the obstruction. Fan-shaped spray nozzle is HSBC Equipment Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch professional development nozzle products. Variety of angles spray fan shape of the effect of gravity of the Earth, there is the "edge effect", being the spray fan section tapering edges generate the spray particles of fine and uniform particle size of the spray medium is arranged in a plurality of nozzles , to 25% to 30% overlap, so that the entire arrangement of a uniform direction. Can produce a variety of angles uniform water spray fan spray droplet size medium connection using modular units for easy installation and replacement filters can be installed, easy to clean. More Product Material: spiral nozzle on most piping systems installed or replaced. Available with NPT or nozzle BSPT (external) screw type. Typically, 1/4 inch nozzle -4 inches respectively Cu, 304SS, 316SS, 316L, PVDF, PP, or silicon carbide material. Stainless steel (SS304, 303,316,316 L), brass (BRASS), silicon carbide, plastic (PVC, ABS, FUD), ceramics and other materials.

    Specific type names are:
    Narrow angle nozzle, wide nozzle, modular fan nozzles, monobloc fan nozzle, self-cleaning fan nozzles, flat fan nozzles, dovetail fan nozzles <willow-shaped spray> Snap-fan nozzle, quick release fan nozzle, side spray fan nozzles, universal fan nozzles.

    General Application:
    Washed gravel, high-impact cleaning, degreasing, washing fruits and vegetables, paper machine "stable paper frame" spray

    Product parameters:
    Maximum angle of 60-170 degrees jet. In 3Mpa pressure, the liquid flow rate range of 5.5 a 140 l / min. Spiral nozzle thread size 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 ,1,1-1 / 2,2,3 and other specifications, practices as BSP, For other specifications, please threads Spray with Beijing Liyuan Yang Xin Technology Co., Ltd. can provide the appropriate size female or male connector, click the Query fan nozzle detailed parameter table.

    Metal cleaning, spray coating, spray cooling, remove grease stains, plating line rinse, agricultural cleaning; food, steel, paper and other industries cleaning, spraying and cooling applications; PCB cleaning, display, video and etching processes , rain test, spray cooling, semiconductor cleaning, CPT bulb cleaning, LCD glass cutting cleaning.