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    How to choose a good sprinkler irrigation nozzle

              During irrigation, the nozzle is an important device. Nozzle directly affect the quality of the projects. Following small and together to learn about how your chosen irrigation sprinklers. About a good nozzle, both demand good mechanical functions (layout simple, reliable operation), but also needs its hydraulic function is good, that is the primary skill can be satisfied irrigation demands (combined sprinkler irrigation intensity is less than promised soil strength, droplet diameter subtle, droplets impact on soil and crop of small, evenly distribute water nozzle combinations in the future), and most energy conservation. These needs are often conflicting or mutual constraints, so we use in portraying nozzle, you should know that the deepening links between hydraulic parameters and influencing factors for a reasonable selection of nozzles, to make it better fit the production needs.

              Rotating sprinklers primary hydraulic parameters are: operating pressure, water volume, range, water distribution pattern, irrigation intensity and drop impact strength (or atomized droplet diameter or target).

              Generally speaking, we expect the beginning of the nozzle pressure and maximum pressure scale as wide as possible to get accustomed to is not the same situation. In the same operating pressure nozzle flow some good, which means that demand within the nozzle head loss as small as possible, ie within the nozzle flow channel to be lubricated smooth. In fact, the nozzle flow is usually measured through the judge. Under the same conditions, the greater the demand for a range as possible to cut funding system. Secondly nozzle Once selected, its parameters can also be directly relevant product samples Richard. When selecting the nozzle, the nozzle should first ponder and sprinkler hydraulic functions can crop and soil conditions are the habits that need irrigation pseudo primary skill factor reaches the goal. In addition, combinations of strength and uniformity of sprinkler irrigation demands not only related to the type and the nozzle, and the nozzle combinations and combinations I coral distance is closely related to the three judge this to be carried out simultaneously.