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    AA series general metal nozzle using method

    AAZ fine atomization nozzle
    AAZ fine atomization nozzle products introduction
    AAZ fine atomization nozzle adopts hydraulic pressure to produce only A very tiny droplets, spray into uniform hollow cone shape, usually can get wet fog effect, all parts are made of precision. Spray hole inlay, core and filters are easily removable for inspection or cleaning.
    Filters are fitted above the nozzle. Commonly used in pneumatic indoor humidifying, gas and metal cooling, liquid spreading, humidity, evaporation cooling.
    When used to produce hollow cone spray shape, spray area into a ring, the spray Angle of 51-144 degrees.
    2, can produce under a wide range of impact and pressure uniform distribution, droplet size is small to medium spray, even under the condition of low pressure, also good atomization of liquid applications produce excellent results. For the application of fast heat exchange and effectively suspended droplets impact, this effect is particularly obvious.
    3, the structure of the cyclone is its design mechanism, its big and smooth circulation, can reduce or eliminate the phenomenon of blocking.
    4, AA series metal nozzle for male connection, A series of metal and nozzle for the female adapter.
    General application: gas washing and metal processing, water cooling control dust extinguishing chemical reaction treatment, other heat transformation applications