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    Water jet nozzle SS/Brass/Plastic



    Water jet nozzle SS/Brass/Plastic 1)Plastic or metal 2)adjustable tips 3)Replacable 4)Various Spray pattern



    Water jet nozzle SS/Brass/Plastic  



    Deatil Information:


    1. Material:PP or metal

    PP style as below 





    Spray Tip


    Fiber-glass-reinforced PP(25%fiber) with maximum temperature of 82°C good performance on chemical resistance

    Carbon fiber-glass-reinforced PP(40%fiber) with maximum temperature of 120°C good performance on chemical resistance and abrasion resistance

    Spring Clamp

    Spring Clamp/hardened 304 stainless steel


    Butadiene acrylonitrile rubber

    Fluorine rubber


    2. Connection type (Adjustable Ball-Type Nozzle): 2ype (Clamp connection type (27988 series) ; Thread Connection type 


    3.Spray Pattern: 3 style : hollow cone spray pattern , solid cone spray pattern and flat fan spray patterm



    Common Application:

      • Metal Cleaning
      • Degreasing and phosphatizing in surface treatment
      • Other Low Pressure Applications