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    FD anti drip misting fog nozzle



    FD anti drip misting fog nozzle 1.Made of Brass ,SS303 2.Orifice:0.1-0.5mm 3.70-120KG pressure 4.Spray size:50um



    FD anti drip misting fog nozzle   



    Detail information:

    • FD brass fog spray nozzle consists of brass nozzle body with internal stainless steel core and stainless steel guide vane (with a leak-proof device).
    • The liquid flows at high velocity under the water pressure of 70kg to 120kg, forming centrifugal swirl and spraying very fine hollow droplet.
    • It is equipped with TEFLON strainer and the fog droplet sizes are about 50um.
    • Widely used in workshop moistening salt spray test,man-made fog and other moistening locations.
    • The imported US punching machine punches orifice about 0.1 to 0.15mm in size.
    • The nozzle saves 10times or above cost than that of moistening by air.



    Performance Data
    Brass Nozzle Orifice Diameter Operation Pressure Flow Rate
    FD1 0.15mm 20-70kg/cm 20-46cc/min
    FD2 0.20mm 49-89cc/min
    FD3 0.30mm 80-145cc/min
    FD4 0.40mm 95-178cc/min
    FD5 0.50mm 130-243cc/min



    Commen Application:


    1.Wetting & Rust removal

    2.Humidify for space

    3.Chemical treatment

    4.Chemical agent spraying

    5.Liquid coating

    6.Humidify for tabacco leaf

    7.Pill coating

    8.Evaporative cooling for flue gas

    9.Disinfection & sterilization

    10.Parts cooling

    11.Fruit wax injection

    12.Ceramic tile glazing

    13.Humidify for factory

    14.Salt fog test

    15.Artificial fog

    16.Humidify for other place


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    FD anti drip misting fog nozzle